Foresight Research Profile 

Foresight Research is all about providing foresight to businesses. The key differentiating factor between a good and an average company is the time they spent on planning their future as against discussing the past. This is where we come in. We facilitate our clients’ quest to go from good to being great.

Our strength lies in our diversified, experienced and competitive team, which comprises statisticians, economists, psychologists, information technologists and business graduates. Our team members have hands-on experience of producing a wide array of research studies – ranging from ethnographic research to exploring highly sensitive topics, from segmentation studies to market measurement and more. None of our work is outsourced. We manage the research process from start to finish and aim to raise the performance bar with every delivery.

We approach research from a business point of view not as an academic exercise – hence are flexible to accommodate client needs. We provide research solutions in the areas of both tracking and customized researches. Our tracking division offers household panel and brand health tracking solutions, both of which are syndicated studies. Store Point is also a continuous tracking solution for monitoring merchandizing, availability of desired SKUs and promotional activities at shops as per a company’s guidelines. Our customized research division has separate teams for qualitative and quantitative research.

We offer following services:

Qualitative Research

  • 1) FGDs, IDIs
  • 2) Experienced moderators with regional languages
  • 3) Professional slim translations
  • 4) English transcripts
  • 5) Content analysis: paper/ computer
  • 6) DVD recording with English subtitles
  • 7) Topline or full report

Quantitative Research

  • 1) PAPI/ CATI/ CAWI interviews
  • 2) GIS based interviews
  • 3) Survey programming for CAWI interviews both in English & in Urdu
  • 4) Data files in SPSS, MS Excel, CSV, ASCII
  • 5) Multivariate statistical analysis
  • 6) Data tables & full analysis report