Face of Pakistan continues to be Rural & rural consumers will continue to play a defining role in many categories, perhaps much to our surprise. Following census 2017 topline data, enclosed please find a short docket on Rural Pakistan

Sampling is one of the most debatable & misunderstood topic in market research. Often it is assumed that the bigger the population, larger the sample size required. This paper discusses the statistical concepts in a simple layman language & shows that the population size has very little, if any, impact on the sample size.

While Counterfeiting & infringements is a global issue, they are more prevalent in developing economies, where majority of population is rural, with low literacy rate and have

less purchasing power. They impact manufacturers, government and consumers alike.

In marketing research, measuring customer loyalty isn’t an easy task. And there is no single way of measuring loyalty – in fact; it’s one that fits the bill. For consumer panels, the most practical metric to measure loyalty is the share of requirement; this method takes repeat purchase as a measure of brand loyalty to the next level.

Rise of mushroom brands is a global phenomenon, the trend cut across developed and developing world. This paper discusses the reasons for growth of mushroom brands & highlights the threats they poses to nationally distributed brands. It is usually measured via SOR which is derived from household panel data.

This is taken from Foresight Household Panel. This compares monthly household income & expenditure in 2010 vs. 2012 – highlighting how household expanses have increased at a more rapid rate than the corresponding incomes – leaving households with lesser real-income!

MediaSight is software for analyzing media research data. This is a user manual for helping the use of MediaSight.

This is first of the series of training manuals that is being developed for in-house use. Its core purpose is to expose new market researchers with the concepts of awareness & usage. The emphasis of this manual is on administering these questions in the field.