hblGulBaz Khan
Senior Manager

“The attention to detail and the way our requirements were fulfilled was exemplary. Foresight team was very supportive and this huge task was completed well in time.”

unileverShahzaib Zulfiqar
Manager CMI

“A great initiative from Foresight; helped us to look at the business opportunity from a completely different lense. Look forward to more similar initiatives from you guys. Keep it up!”

hopeHope Neighbor
Founder and CEO

“Foresight Research outperforms its peers by yards. We appreciated their commitment to on-time delivery of quality data, the intellectual rigor they brought to our project, and their flexibility in accommodating our needs.”

daldaAtif Syed
Marketing Manager

“Great analysis and would serve as a very useful guideline for us in planning initiatives on our portfolio and anticipating likely market response to rivals’ initiatives.”

colgateSamar Irshad
Brand Manager

“Impressed by the thoroughness and professionalism of the Foresight team on-ground. Some of the areas were such that no company (except Foresight) was reaching them. Hats off to you guys!”

unileverUmaima Alvi
Assistant Manager CMI

“Good work! I’ve made a surprising discovery about brand switchers vs. category lapsers. Let’s keep this as a record to be reapplied to other categories too. Thanks for all your effort on this!”

unileverTaha bin Javaid
Manager CMI

“Well done! I really appreciate the initiative– this is surely a great new way to look at NRL and LMH and adds a lot of value. Will ask brand teams to use this tool to diagnose issues.”

unileverMustafa Moosajee
Head CMI

“WOW!!!You have delighted your clients by well exceeding expectations! This is an indication of the quality of your work, initiative, and dedication, it’s going to be one helluva journey – certainly one that I’m looking forward to.”

Andreas Lueck
Senior Project Manager

“We were more than happy with your co-operation on this study and have especially appreciated your flexibility, your responsiveness and your reliability during the whole fieldwork time.”

Shivani Upreti
Senior Research __________Manager

“I would like to thank you for your work. We truly appreciate how you were able to manage everything within crunched timeline. A special call out to moderators for their skilled moderation throughout groups.”

Sumera Mansoori 
Country Head Pk.

“Thank you for all your help in planning and executing this project, as well as the effort put into analysis of the findings. It was a good experience working with Foresight and I hope we will work together on future projects also.”

Anam Nazneen 
Brand Manager

“Thank you so much for managing the timelines and research schedule as per my requests, whenever I made any.”

Mahendra Chaudhary
__________Maction Consulting In.

“We thank you for your commendable work on our time-series research project for 2 successive years. We appreciate your valuable inputs with regards to local needs, your concern for quality and timeliness. We look forward to your continued cooperation for the future work.”

Shaista Abdullah 
General Manager
__________Retention & Winback

“Having experienced the delivery of research firms internationally, I was very disappointed with the execution methodology and approach in Pakistan until I met the Foresight team.
This wasn’t the easiest of assignments but Foresight’s focused, positive and creative approach resulted in some good and valuable insights which PTCL’s commercial team can take further with respect to improvement actions.”